• Chart a course to your donor's heart.

    Camp begins July 10th.

  • Do you remember your first day at summer camp as a kid?


    Chances are you were a nervous wreck. (We know we were.)


    “What will it be like?”

    “Will my counselor be nice?”

    "Will I make friends?


    But then something wonderful happened.
    A fellow camper threw a smile your way, said “Hi", and asked, “Want to be my bunkmate?”
    And all those jitters? They melted away.


    Your donors need a “Hi” and a smile too.


    When they make a gift, donors are excited. And anxious too. They wonder if they made the right decision and if they can trust you.


    What donors need in that moment is for somebody to acknowledge their heartfelt gift and to genuinely say, "You are amazing. Really, truly amazing. And your gift will make a difference."


    You can be that somebody.


    Gratitude Camp can show you how.


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    When did we stop sharing gratitude?


    In today’s fast and furious fundraising world, we’re paying more attention to the donation than we are to the donor. We’re making our thank yous more about process and less about people.


    And our donors are jumping canoe. 7 out of 10 of them.

    (Let's hope they're good swimmers.) 


    Are you tired of bringing on new donors only to see them leave? Do you feel you should be doing more to keep your donors happy? Are you worried that you're missing out on opportunities to say thank you in more meaningful ways?


    Grab your compass and join us at Gratitude Camp.


    Spend two weeks with us (no travel needed, it's all online) and learn how you can turn donor appreciation into donor retention.


    At Gratitude Camp, you'll:


    - Get the latest research on how gratitude helps you raise more money

    - Hone the skills you need to hit the gratitude bulls-eye with your thank you letters

    - Learn the art and craft of handwritten notes

    - Dive into thank you call scripts that have your donors swimming in appreciation

    - Discover how to create stewardship events that feel like warm and happy campfires


    We take the term "happy camper" very seriously. That's why we've created an online learning experience you'll never forget. Our next camp session runs from Monday, July 10th to Friday, July 21st.


    Your camp registration fee includes:  


    - Self-paced video lessons and worksheets that guide you step-by-step through the process of becoming a gratitude-powered fundraiser


    - Exclusive access to a virtual campsite (private Facebook group) where you can ask questions, share ideas, participate in daily gratitude challenges, and grow an amazing network of fellow gratitude champions


    - Weekly campfire calls on Thursday each week at 12pm PDT/2pm CDT/3pm EDT where you can get one-one-coaching to help you bait and tackle your biggest gratitude challenge


    - And your very own "Gratitude" merit badge too!


    Reserve your bunk at Gratitude Camp today for only $149. 


    Camp begins (kum-ba-yeah!) on July 10, 2017.


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    Shanon Doolittle 


    Fundraising mentor and donor care strategist with over 15 years of experience, I help nonprofits skyrocket their donor retention rates and fall in love with their fundraising programs all over again.


    My favorite camp activity?

    Ropes course.


    Learn more about Shanon at


    Beth Ann Locke


    Fundraiser and philanthropic evangelist with over 20 years of experience, I help connect donors with the causes they love and help fundraisers do the same. I believe relationships are key.


    My favorite camp activity?



    Learn more about Beth at




    "I felt that I got so much great new information that I will start using immediately. The pace was perfect."


    "Gratitude Camp has been my most useful professional development opportunity yet. Better than any conference I've attended. Really unique and practical material."


    "I am walking away from Gratitude Camp feeling inspired, supported and refreshed!"


    "I thought the whole thing was fantastic from beginning to end. It spurred me to think in new ways about my relationship with donors."


    "I loved everything. The atmosphere was so fun and inclusive!"


    "What an exhilarating experience! I learned so much and had such a great time. I am super excited to put all these new ideas into practice!"



    Wow! Gratitude Camp sounds amazing, but...

    When does camp begin?

    We'll get the donor love adventure started on Monday, July 10th. That's when you'll receive your very first lesson. The course runs for 2 weeks and ends on Friday, July 21st.

    What if Facebook isn't my thing?

    No problem. Not everyone in the world loves social media, and we totally get it. And don't feel like that will take away from your camp experience. We'll be in your inbox enough to make you feel 100 percent included and supported.

    What if I'm not available for the weekly calls?

    We get it, you're a a busy bee! But we have you covered. First, our calls are recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience. Plus, you can submit questions in advance, and we'll answer them live on the call. If you're international and our calls are during your sleeping hours, we're happy to schedule a one-on-one call with you instead.

    How long is the material available?

    Forever and ever. That's right. We're all about giving you any time access to these materials because we know donor love inspiration can strike at any time. That and you can't remember that one "really important thing" you didn't want to forget and need to re-watch a lesson video. And we also know that some campers absorb information in a lightning-fast fashion and others need a little more time to let the content steep.

    So wait, you mean I can do this on my own time and at my own pace?

    Yep, that's exactly what we're saying. And moreover, know that we're always here for you. So even if you're a few weeks behind (or maybe even months), you can reach out to us anytime for help. We're only an email away.

    I see you're based in the US, and I'm not. Is that that a problem?

    No way, José ! No problem at all. Plus, our content is not US specific. Donors are an international community of do-gooders and what we teach applies to givers all over the world! We've had campers from England, Swaziland, New Zealand and Canada participate. Plus, if you can't make the weekly calls and you still need one-on-one help, we're happy to schedule a one-on-one call with you instead! (Or maybe we can come visit. Do you like house guests? Because traveling the world is totally our jam.)

    We have more than one person in our office who wants to participate. Do we need to buy individual registrations?

    Yes, we recommend you register each person individually. Why? Because even though you're welcome to share the materials with your colleagues, they'll miss out on the experience of receiving personalized emails, asking questions during our campfire coaching calls, and accessing our virtual campsite (read: Facebook group). Registering 3 or more people? Use the promo code "TEAMWORK" to receive 20 percent off the price of your registration fees.


    Have a question? Red Rover, Red Rover, send it on over!